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Who We Are

Hi! We’re Durango Remodeling and have been serving Durango and neighboring communities since 1999.

It all started with Tuck Bonham back 20 years ago. After running a successful home remodeling business in Sedona, AZ for close to 20 years, he and his wife Terri had their fair share of the AZ heat and made the move to beautiful Durango. Starting again, Durango Remodeling was born.

Twenty years after that fateful move we’ve become a trusted source for kitchen, bathroom, home additions and remodels.

As we look ahead and now with their son Tyler taking the lead, we intend to continue to live up to the quality of work and trust that Durango Remodeling was founded on.

Now that you know more about us, let us know about your next home project. Give us a call!

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