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Coronavirus Safety Measures During a Home Remodel

Construction is still considered an essential business that can keep running during the statewide limits on activity because of the coronavirus. With new guidance from the Colorado Department of Public Health, we at Durango Remodeling will spare no precaution in ensuring the safety of its contractors, subs and especially our clients. The following measures have been put in place at all our job sites.

Not Shaking Hands During Meetings

It’s one of the most natural things one can do when meeting your new contractor. At this time, we will temporarily refrain from extending a handshake, but not our warm “hello” and smile.

Six Feet Apart

Three’s Company … and it certainly applies to a home renovation now a days. We have limited the number of our trade partners working in the home at one time as much as possible. We are committed to our customers safety and will follow the CDC suggested minimum six feet apart whenever possible.

Living in a Home Renovation

Should our clients decide to remain living in the home during the renovation, the following will be mandatory and will remain in place throughout the duration of the project.

· Our carpenters and subs will wear a mask while interacting with customers.

· We will sanitize our general working area at the end of each working day.

· Hospital grade plastic sheeting will be used to wall off working area from homeowner occupied areas.

Of course, should there be additional safety measures our clients would like in place, we are open to accommodating to the best of our ability and helping keep their mind at ease.

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